Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Black Man is Powerful (Picture Version)


The Black Man is Powerful (Text Version)

Every white man grows up knowing that he was inferior to the Black man.
Mouthing off to a black man was just something that you didn't do.
The first time a black man told you that he wanted your girlfriend was in college, and though it was hard for you, it was his right as a black man.
Being very respectful you told him that you loved your girlfriend very much, and if you could talk to her before he took her.
Being a very strong Black man, he told you that you could talk to her.
As he did that you got down on your knees and kissed both his feet.
Because even though you were in public, a white boy should always show his respect to a Black man who has granted him a favor.
Later as you sat down with your beautiful girlfriend, you told her how much you loved her as she took your hand.
"Honey, a black man has told me that he wants you." You then told her.
"Oh... I haven't been with a black man since I met you." Your girlfriend told you.
"Well he looked very strong and powerful, he could probably break me in half if he wanted to." You told your girlfriend.
As a white boy it was your duty when talking about a black man to your girlfriend to give her a good impression of him.
And as you told her how strong he was, your girlfriend gently squeezed your hand, as you knew that she got very hot for him.
Some Black men liked to smack the white boys around a bit in front of their wives or girlfriends, letting her know that he was in charge.
This was also something that were shown to white girls when they started high school.
They were given books and were shown videos of Black men beating up white men, as they learned that white men were much weaker compared to Black men.
The act of seeing a Black man beating up a white man was something that evoked a very powerful sexual feeling in white women.
They found out that it was natural for a white woman to feel sexually attracted to the stronger Black male.
Because white boys were naturally weaker and inferior to Black men, white women couldn't get sexually attracted to white men.
White women could of course get attracted to a white man, as many married white men, but the sight of a Black man would always stir up that powerful feeling of sex.
"Did he tell you what he wanted to do to me, maybe what he wanted me to do to him?" Your girlfriend then asked as you saw how hot she had gotten.
"Nn... no... but he did say that you had a really nice butt. Maybe he wants to..." You said as your girlfriend squeezed your hand tighter.
"Oh yes... I love being fucked in the ass by Black guys." Your girlfriend told me as she closed her eyes.
"Mmm... I hope he wants to fuck my tight ass." Your girlfriend moaned a little as you could tell that she was very turned on.
"Honey..." You said softly as she opened her eyes.
"Oh..." She looked around a bit. "Did he say if he wanted you to watch?" She then asked you.
"Actually he wanted me to take photos of the two of you." You told her as you knew how humiliating that would feel for you.
"Oh, maybe I'll get featured on the college white girls site." Your girlfriend gently bit her lip when she thought about that.
All colleges had a white girls site, where the hottest white women were shown getting fucked by black men.
It was a dream to most white women to be featured on that site, which was a way for them to show other women that they were better at fucking black men.
"Be sure and take a lot of photos of my butt if he fucks my ass, black men really love that." Your girlfriend told you.
The very next week your girlfriend was featured on the White Girls site.
The image on the front page was a picture of your girlfriend having a big black cock stuffed in her ass.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Here's me hoping... Andrea Osvárt

Andrea Osvárt is a beautiful actress and former model who had a small role in the movie Spy Game.
She also starred in the first season of the TV series "The Transporter".

Here's me hoping... that one day we'll get to see her in the strong arms of a Black man.


Friday, January 23, 2015

It's only Natural (Picture Version)


It's only Natural (Text Version)

It has been less than a month since you and your wife joined the Black Power League, something that more and more white couples have been doing.
Both you and your wife thought that it was only natural for a white couple like yourselves to serve the black male.
Ever since highschool you had felt incredibly inferior to the black man.
After gym class in the showers, you'd be standing there next to these black guys, your own penis would shrivel up at the sight of their huge black slongs.
It even went to the point that all the white guys would sit outside, until the black guys were done.
None of you wanted to admit the real reason for it, but you all felt very inferior to them.
And ever since you walked in on your girlfriend back then, getting fucked by a black guy, you knew that a white man couldn't compete with a black man.
Since that day you have only been jerking off to interracial porn.
It felt like the natural thing for a white guy to do, pulling his small penis as he watched a strong black man fuck a beautiful white woman.
Then when you met your wife and saw her naked for the first time, you couldn't help but to imagine her being taken by a powerful black male.
Even though the two of you had sex, you had started going down on her more and more, as you felt like she deserved something much bigger when she had sex, not a small boy's penis like yours.
Then one night you got the courage up and told your wife about when you thought about black men and white women.
At first you thought that she would freak out when you told her about how you fantasized about her being taken by a black man.
But instead she looked at you and told you that she had always been very attracted to black guys ever since she was a girl.
She even told you that she had masturbated in the shower, imagining that she was sucking on a huge black cock.
Since that night the two of you would always watch black on white porn every time the two of you got horny.
You would lick her pussy as she sucked on that big black cock dildo you had gotten for her.
During the days she would sometimes send you a text message telling you that she had seen a handsome black man, wishing that she was on her knees in front of him.
And then last month the two of you decided that it was time for the two of you to do the only natural thing left.
To join the Black Power League.
And during these few weeks since you joined, you have seen your wife getting fucked by at least five different black men.
Each time your wife would give you a smile when she took a huge black cock in her mouth, as you sat there eagerly jerking your tiny penis.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To see his Wife with two Black Men...

a Husband's fantasy finally comes true.