Friday, October 31, 2014

Blacked On the Base (Picture Version)


Blacked On the Base (Text Version)

As of late you and your wife have been talking of how you can do more to support your country.
While you are happy to give money to support funds, your wife have been talking about joining the national guard.
Even though she wont be doing anything really dangerous, you didn't really like the idea, but she felt that it was the right thing to do.
After having signed up, your wife spent a couple of weeks in a boot camp, after that she was assigned to a small outfit at a local base where they would be organizing supplies that would go out over the world.
As a part of the national guard your wife was to report two weekends a month to her outfit at the base.
"Give me a call when you get settled in." You told your wife as you gave her a kiss.
"I'm not sure we are allowed to call out, but I'll try honey." Your wife told you as she then drove off.
Later she arrived at the base where she parked outside, and then took a bus to the barracks where her outfit were assigned.
"Hi... hello." You wife said as she walked inside and passed two white guys.
"Hey, I'm James and this is Ron." They introduced themselves.
As your wife walked around the corner she came up to another group of men, they were all black as your wife counted five, which made her feel a bit worried.
Your wife wasn't racist or anything like that, and these men were all part of her outfit so there wouldn't be any cause for alarm, but she couldn't help to get nervous.
"Hello..." Your wife introduced herself in a shy way.
"Yo what's up." They all nodded at her.
A moment later your wife came up to another person who to your wife's excitement was another woman.
"Hello, I'm..." Your wife said as the woman turned around.
"Oh I'm sorry mam, I didn't know you were a sergeant." Your wife stood at attention in front of the Hispanic woman.
"Relax... We're rather casual here, at least when the lieutenant isn't around. I'm Maria Medina by the way."
As your wife and Sergeant Medina had talked for a while an older man came in to the barracks.

"Outside in five!" The lieutenant told you.
As your wife and the rest of the outfit stood formed up in a line outside, the Lieutenant talked about what it was the outfit did at the base.
"Though I might not be around as much, Sergeant Medina here will be in charged." The lieutenant told you.
"Today we have three trucks with supplies that needs to be filled up, so I suggest we all get started right away." Sergeant Medina gave her orders.
A couple of hours later as your wife were getting a bag from the back of the warehouse she noticed two of the black men in your outfit putting some supplies in a van at the back, which she thought was a bit weird.
"What you doing here?" A deep voice from behind startled your wife.
"Oh... I was just getting a bag for the truck." Your wife said as she looked up at black man standing there recognizing him as Tyrone.
"You're that new recruit right." Tyrone said.
"Yes... I just thought that we were loading up the trucks at the front." Your wife said looking around at the two black men loading up the van.
"Yo listen, what goes on back here is nothing for you to worry about, and I would suggest that you head back to the front!" Tyrone told your wife in a harsh way.
"Yeah... I was just picking this up, sorry." Your wife couldn't help but to feel intimidated by Tyrone.
As she loaded up her back in the truck your wife saw Sergeant Medina standing there.
"Sergeant, could I ask you something, in private." Your wife said as she saw two of the black men from the group of five.
"It's probably nothing, but I saw two men from our outfit loading up some boxes into a van." You told her.
"Where was this?" She asked you.
"At the back of the warehouse, Tyrone was there and I..." As you told you that you saw something change in her.
"Oh that's fine, I told him to do that, we have some extra supplies going out." Medina told you.
"Oh okay... I just thought I would say something." Your wife said feeling a bit more at ease since the Sergeant apparently knew about it.
"And so you should have, now finish loading up the truck." She told your wife.

Later that evening as your wife was returning back to the barracks she heard some harsh voices and as she passed around the corner she was Tyrone, and it appeared that he was yelling at someone quite harshly.
Because she was a bit intimidated by Tyrone, your wife slowly walked away but not before she saw who he was yelling at, and to your wife's surprise it was Sergeant Medina, and it appeared like he was telling her off, and she looked down and nodded to him.
Your wife couldn't really shake the feeling from before when Tyrone told your wife off, but she felt anxious over the fact that Tyrone was yelling at Medina who was a Sergeant.
As your wife was getting her bunk ready for sleep Sergeant Medina walked up to her bunk.
"You okay?" Your wife asked as Medina looked a bit uneasy.
"Oh... yes... Of course, just something on my mind, but it'll be okay." She told your wife as she tried to give out a smile.
As your wife lied in her bunk, she couldn't shake the feeling of what she had seen before.
Then the next day as the outfit had finished loading up another few trucks, you and Sergeant Medina was taking a shower, because there were both men and women in the outfit, your wife and Medina got to use the showers first.
As the both of you were standing there naked in the showers, the doors opened and a moment later Tyrone and the four other black men in the outfit walked right in, and they were completely naked.
"Hey... guys we're in here..." Your wife said nervously as she tried to cover herself up, and since two of the black men stopped by the towels your wife couldn't go over there.
"We thought we heard someone in here calling for help, so we came in to help." Tyrone said grinning as the other guys laughed.
Even though your wife was worried, she couldn't help but to take a few looks at their black naked bodies.
And though she tried to look up, she got a few good looks at their crotches.
"Well... we're alright... so if you..." Your wife tried to say.
"Yo check out the body on this white girl my niggas, that's a fine ass." Tyrone said as your wife was turned around feeling a bit anxious.

But to your wife's shock, she had noticed her nipples were harder than they had ever been, and with her arms rubbing against them as she covered herself, she started to feel some tingles between her legs.
"Yo boss, lets not forget the bitch over here!" Another of Tyrone's men said looking at Sergeant Medina.
"Ain't forgetting about that sweet bitch, Yo, don't fucking stand there, my niggas over there need some fucking blowjobs!" Tyrone told Sergeant Medina as your wife was stunned.
Medina gave your wife a quick look as she then walked over to the two black guys in front of her, as she then took each of their long cocks in her hands.
Your wife couldn't believe what was happening as she looked over at Medina as she had started sucking them off, they guys reaching down fondling her breasts as well as her butt.
"Yo listen up bitch, I ain't going to tell you this twice!" Your wife felt anxious as Tyrone had walked over to her and was stand right next to her, she could feel his fat black cock up against her hip.
"Me and my fucking crew here are 52th Streeters, and we run this mutha fucking warehouse." Tyrone told your wife who started to feel even more nervous.
"I... I swear I wont say anything... I..." Your wife pleaded.
"Shut the fuck up when I'm talking to you bitch!" Tyrone told your wife.
"I'm sor... sorry..." Your wife felt scared.
"As you see over there, I own the sergeant, I own every mutha fucka in here, and since you got all curious and shit, your white ass belong to me now, you feel me bitch!" Tyrone told you wife.
"But... I... I'm married." Your wife told Tyrone.
"Shit bitch, that's the way I like em. Yo Medina, show her your ring." Tyrone told Sergeant Medina.
As your wife looked over she noticed the ring on her finger, meaning Sergeant Medina was also married.
"Now first, put those mutha fucking arms up, I wanna have a good look at you!" Tyrone told your wife who even though she was worried, she slowly put her arms over her head.
"Shit niggas, look at these mutha fuckas!" Tyrone turned your wife around as he showed your wife's bare breasts to his crew, just before he cupped them both from behind.

Even though your wife felt nervous and guilty for betraying you, she felt even more guilty over the fact that she was getting wetter and wetter between her legs, she had never felt like this before.
"Yo dawgs, get over here!" Tyrone told the two other black guys standing over by the towels.
"You ever tasted some nasty nigga balls before?!" Tyrone asked your wife who shook her head.
"Well get down and drain those mutha fuckas!" Tyrone then told your wife.
Your wife looked down at the two black men's huge erection, as she couldn't help but to compare them to yours, and as she did she couldn't help but to see yours as a small boys penis, compared to these huge cocks.
Then just as your wife took the first black cock in her mouth, one of the white guys from the outfit appeared in the shower.
"What... what's going on?" He said nervously.
As he came inside your wife first reaction was to stop and cover herself again, but one of the guys had his hand on her head so she couldn't do anything but to keep sucking his fattening dick.
"Yo, if you don't get the fuck out and keep that fucking door closed, I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!" Tyrone told him harshly.
"I'm sorry..." The white guy looked down and looked so inferior to Tyrone.
"And tell that other fucking white boy to come in here!" Tyrone told him as he then walked out.
And just at that moment your wife felt her mouth fill up with semen, and she couldn't do anything other than to swallow all of it.
As your wife had started sucking the other guy, the door opened and the other white guy from the outfit came in.
"Yo mutha fucka, didn't I tell you to keep that fucking door closed!" Tyrone told him.
"I'm... I'm sorry, I had to use the toilet." He said looking down as he looked scared.
"Yo Jamaal." Tyrone called the guy how was fucking Sergeant Medina.
"What's up boss." He said as he slowed down.
"Sunday when we all head out of her, you and Jerome go with this fucking white boy here to his house, his wife need some big fucking niggas in her bed!" Tyrone told them.
"Hell yeah, you hear that white boy!" Jamaal grinned at him.
"You got a fucking problem with that white boy?!" Tyrone then said.
"N... no... I... don't." As your wife heard him say that, she couldn't help but to think of you coming in looking at her as she was being taken by all these black guys, and it made her orgasm harder than she had ever done before.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Inner City Coach (Picture Version)


Inner City Coach (Text Version)

Since you had been laid off from work six months ago times had been hard for you and your wife.
Luckily your wife still have her job as a teacher, but unless you could find a new job soon the two of you might loose your house.
Then one day as your wife came home from work she told you about some extra teaching hours that she could pick up.
"I was just talking to the coach at school and he told me about this program they have coaching kids at basketball." Your wife told you.
You knew that your wife had played basketball all through highschool so it was something she knew how to do.
"Are you sure you want to stay the extra hours at the school for it honey?" You asked feeling rather lousy that she could find more to do but you couldn't.
"Actually honey it's at another school downtown, it's an outreach program for inner city kids." Your wife then told you.
"Oh. How far downtown is it?" You asked her a bit surprised.
"It's passed the 54th bridge." She told you which made you a bit nervous.
You and your wife had always lived in the quiet suburbs, but the 54th street was in rough neighborhood , and neither of you had ever been that far in the city.
"I don't know, that's a long way and it's not really our type of neighborhood." You told her.
What you really meant was that those neighborhoods were black neighborhood and you had heard stories about crimes.
"I think it will be okay honey, I've checked and there's a bus that takes me right to the school down there and back home, and you know we could really use the extra money." She told you, and even though you didn't really want her to take it, you knew that you did really need the money.
"Okay, but I'll pick up some pepper spray for you tomorrow, I want you to carry it with you." You told her feeling a bit worried.
"I'm sure everything will be fine." Your wife told you and gave you small kiss.
A week later your wife was getting ready to head off for her new job coaching basketball.
You couldn't help but to think that your wife looked rather hot in her new training outfit, it had been a while since she wore clothes like that, and they really showed off some of her best features.
"Be safe and remember to keep that spray with you." You told her as you gave her a kiss as she went out the door.
You felt bad that your wife had to take another job, because you couldn't find one, and you felt even worse that she had to travel that far downtown for it.
A couple of hours passed as you started to look out the window for your wife to come home.
"How was it, are you okay?" You asked her as she walked through the door.

"Oh it was fun, I hadn't realized how much I had missed basketball." She told you.
"How were the kids?" You asked her.
"The kids... oh." Your wife looked like she was thinking for a moment.
"They were really friendly, although it took a bit for them to warm up to me."
"I'm glad everything went okay." You told her, though you got the feeling that there was something she wasn't telling you.
As the months went you started to notice small changes in your wife, she started to look healthier, even happier, which you thought was because she was working out as well as she was coaching basketball, doing something she liked.
Though she seemed a bit secretive when you brought up the coaching, just saying that everything is going good.
But that was all that had changed, in the bedroom your wife had started wanting you to go down on her more and more, almost to the point that it was all the sex she wanted, though you didn't mind, you rather enjoyed eating her out.
In fact lately as you were going down on her, she had started to moan louder and louder, something she had never done before, she had always been somewhat quiet in bed.
Now you knew that weren't the greatest in bed, but now hearing your wife's moans made you cum at the slightest touch of your penis.
Then yesterday you noticed something about your wife as she was getting ready.
As you walked by the bedroom you caught a glimpse of her as she was zipping up her top, and you could have sworn that she wasn't wearing a sports bra, or anything underneath, but you probably just saw wrong.
But after she had left you couldn't shake the feeling, so you went upstairs and went through her drawer where she keeps her bras, and to your surprise you found both her sports bras lying there.
Nah, your wife had probably bought a new one that she was wearing, that was the only thing you could think of.
Later that night as your wife was coming home, she gave you a quick kiss as she ran up to the shower, which was another thing she had been doing lately.
Before she had always stopped by in the kitchen, getting something to drink and talking to you for while before going up to take a shower.
As a few more weeks passed you had started to feel like there was something your wife didn't tell you, even that she might be lying about something, and even though you probably were getting worried about nothing, you couldn't shake the feeling.
So this evening after your wife had left, you decided to take a bus downtown to see her coach, which had been something you had wanted to do for a couple of weeks now, but you hadn't because were a bit anxious about going down to those neighborhood.

You had never been a very courages man, and going that far downtown made you more than a little hesitant, but you finally got your nerve up and drove to the bus stop.
As you sat at the bus stop for a bit the bus then pulled up and though the doors had opened you were still a bit hesitant about going aboard.
But you got the courage up and got onboard.
As the bus started to pass the places you knew and begin to travel though neighborhoods you had never been to before, you started to get a bit nervous.
"You sure you know where you are going, you don't look like you belong down here." An older black man asked you just before he got off.
Even though you nodded yes to him, you started to feel like this was a bad idea as you started to see groups of black guys hanging around street corners that the bus passed.
Then a few moments later the bus pulled over and you realized that this was your stop.
You just sat there feeling nervous as you didn't know wether to get off or not, but then just as the doors where about to close you got off.
As you stood there looking around you felt very out of place, and even though you knew that the sports hall where you wife coached was nearby, you still had to ask someone.
"Excuse me, do you know where this is?" You asked a black man walking by.
"Get lost!" He shunned you off like you weren't even there, which made you rather worried.
"Excuse me, could you tell me where this is?" You then asked small group of black men.
"Yeah, it's that building over there. But this isn't a place for a white boy like yourself." He told you looking down at you.
"I'm just stopping by. My wife is coaching basketball to some kids over there." You told them.
"Kids... Yo I think you got the wrong place boy, that place over there is where the street ballers are shooting hoops, there's no kids in those crews." He told you as they laughed at you.
"Oh... maybe I got the address wrong." You said looking down at the note, which was the same note your wife had used to get there there first time.
"Yeah a white boy like yourself would get messed up in there." They then told you laughing.
As you walked back to the bus stop you looked over at the building, and as you looked at the address you could see that this was the place.
As you stood there waiting for the bus you surprised yourself as you started walking over there, you figured that you could at least look inside since you were already there.
Then as you got up to the doors you slowly opened them as you could hear noises coming from further inside.
You couldn't believe that you were actually going to inside, you had never been so nervous in your life.

As you walked up to the next doors you looked inside and saw the basketball court, and as you opened the doors you saw a couple of groups of black guys down on the court.
As you got closer you could see that these were no kids, they had to have at least been nineteen years old, all looking very beefed up and rough, so you thought that this was the wrong place, your wife wouldn't be in here.
Then as you were about to leave, you heard two of the groups talking down on the court.
"Yo, who's your pick nigga?" The you thought was the leader asked the other group.
"How about that sweet ass white bitch you've been hugging, I think it's time she got to feel some south side brothas." The other leader told him.
"Aiight nigga, but you know you gonna loose."
"Yo girl, get up here." He then called out for someone.
You couldn't believe that this was actually happening, that what you had seen was true, and even though you wanted to run over to your wife, your legs couldn't move, you were way to afraid of the black guys that had started playing down there.
As you stood up on the bleachers watching the two teams play, you got even more nervous as you saw how rough they played on the court, they even threw punches, several brawls even got started, and you felt so scared and nervous that you wanted to leave, but your wife was down there and your legs couldn't even move.
Then after about half an hour the other group was called out as the winners.
"Yeah eat that nigga, south side to the end!" The group that had won taunted the other group.
"Yo bitch, it's time for you to get to know how we do it on the south side!" The leader of the group then called out for your wife.
Even though the leader of the first group looked pissed he motioned to your wife to go over to them.
Even though you didn't know what was going to happen, you felt so jealous that your wife was going along with this.
Then you heard a large thud as you looked over you saw that one of the black guys in the other group had thrown a mattress in the middle of the court.
As your wife had walked up to the leader of the other group who was standing on the mattress, the first thing he did was rip open your wife's top, as he then grabbed her boobs and planted his mouth on her nipples.
You started to feel rather sick as you saw him suck your wife's breasts, and as you reluctantly watched, you saw another of the four black guys walk over to her, as he then grabbed her pants and pulled them down.
You couldn't believe that your wife was actually standing completely naked down there, surrounded by four huge black guys.

"Now I think it's time for you to show my homeboys here how a white girl gives head!" The leader told your wife as he stepped out of his shorts almost slapping his long fat cock in her face.
You didn't know what to do as you saw your wife take this black man's penis in her mouth, as she started to suck him off.
Then you saw the other black guys step out of their shorts, and you couldn't help but to feel inferior as you saw their huge manhoods.
You had always thought that you were average with your three inch penis, but compared to these black guys, you felt smaller than a young boy.
"Get the fuck down on your back bitch!" He then told your wife who laid down on her back and parted her legs wide open as you saw this huge black man get in between her legs.
You couldn't help but to start to wheep as this black guy started to fuck your wife, and that wasn't all, you heard your wife's loud moans, which made it even worse because you knew that it was the sound of pleasure, because that's what she sounds like just before she has an orgasm.
As you heard your wife scream out in orgasm, another one of the black guys sat down next to her and slid his fat black cock inside her mouth, as you saw how she started to suck him off as well.
"Move nigga!" The leader then told the one your wife was sucking, as the leader got up in her face as you heard him grunt out loudly and you knew he was cumming in your wife's mouth.
The other black guy who your wife had been sucking now move down and turned her over as he slid his dick inside her pussy from behind as he started to fuck her hard.
The other guys each went over and took turns as your wife gave them blowjobs.
This whole thing went on for an hour, as you sat there crying in shock, your wife had been taken several times by these four black guys right there in front of you.
The next morning you woke up next to your wife, and even with all that you had seen last night, you didn't want to leave her.
You still loved her, and you wondered if she would one day tell you the truth, or if you should tell her that you had seen her.